Creating a big impact for small businesses.

Owned and operated by Chris Wood, CWoodDesign (CWD) works out of the greater Pittsburgh, PA area. She graduated from Waynesburg University in 1995 with a B.A. in Commercial Art / Visual Communications. With over 20 years of design industry know-how, CWD works with clients to create design solutions that command the viewers attention. CWD offers effective and affordable graphic design services with a flexible interchange.
The mission is simply—creating the response you desire. The response that your visual communications evoke in the marketplace is key to your success. That success is ultimately measured by sales of your product or service. Each time you present yourself to your audience, you must maximize and solidify how you are perceived. CWD will consistently improve your brand and amplify your reach. Your visuals will stand out in a crowded market, thus giving you the best chance to be chosen. 
CWD will provide an estimated timeline and cost after discussing the details of your project with you. CWD works to keep projects cost effective, by keeping charges to a minimum with efficient execution. CWD will work with you to keep your projects within budget and to meet your scheduling goals. CWD encourages you to participate directly in the design as it progresses, providing detailed feedback will ensure that your objectives will be met.