Although the channels of communicating continue to evolve, strategic graphic design is still the foundation to reaching your target audience. CWoodDesign will craft your message to the following formats, as well as many more: advertisements, brochures, business cards, catalogs, flyers, illustrations, infographics, invitations, logos, menus, newsletters, postcards, posters, PowerPoints, signs, etc.

Identity Systems
The perceived value and strength of your product or service starts with your identity—the image, the brand that you present to your market everyday. Your identity establishes trust and steadfastness. It is a reflection of your personality, ambition, and reputation. Your identity begins with your logo and follows through to your stationary package, website, and all successive collateral pieces. Ensure your success, develop an unforgettable brand.
Marketing Collateral
A marketing plan is the sum total of all of the activities that need to take place to move a product or service from seller to buyer. Ensure that your communication materials are doing their part in that equation. Your identity must be consistently used in all marketing pieces that are created. You must stand out among the thousands of images your potential client sees each day. In a cramped market, you need to rise above your competition.
Direct Mail
Although similar to other collateral, direct mail must be designed differently. Since the copy transmits the selling message, special care should be taken to highlight the story, benefits, and order device. For your piece to exceed an average return, your projects need to be designed for readability and interest. You’re making quite an investment in printing and mailing costs, be sure that your call to action is answered.